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IHSA Decision on Baseball in 2020-21


We've heard from many of you about your concerns regarding the IHSA's revised sport seasons.  While this is the IHSBCA's first public communication since the announcement, please do not misinterpret our silence as indifference.  The IHSBCA Board of Directors is working on a proposal that we will present to the IHSA that better represents what high school baseball coaches in Illinois would like to see happen. While no plan will be perfect, we hope to better serve our ballplayers with what we feel will be a more equitable season.  As all of you have probably already experienced with your own school district's return-to-school policies, plans are changing daily.  We feel that this will also apply to the IHSA's plan, and we are going to work as closely as possible with them to amend their plan for a high school baseball season that will be as fair, equitable, and practical as possible, given the current state of affairs. 

Your observations and suggestions are important to us.  If you have something you'd like to share with the IHSBCA Board, please email any of us.  You can find our contact information on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS tab at

The Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association Board of Directors


To access the ISBE's guidelines for sports, click on the following link: