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IHSBCA Pre-Registration & Membership

There are two options to register:

  1. Download this form, fill out and send payment via mail.
  2. or Fill out the form below.

IHSBCA Individual Membership only (no clinic) $35 ($41 by credit card)

Membership and Individual Clinic Registration $75 ($81 by credit card)
IHSA high school coaches must be members of the IHSBCA. Membership is renewed yearly.

Staff Membership and Clinic Registration $275 ($281 by credit card)
This payment option is offered through pre-registration only. Membership and clinic fees are included. Photocopy and send a complete registration form for each member of staff by Saturday, January 18th. Up to 8 staff included in price.

Clinic Price for Non-High School Coach $40 ($46 by credit card)

Hall of Fame Dinner Number Attending: _____ $50 per attendee (plus $6 for credit card)
Hall of Fame Dinner tickets must be purchased in advance with pre-registration form.

$50 per attendee